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What is the Borda Pina?
Borda Pina sustainable refuge is an alternative way to live in balance with nature in one of the wildest and most savage natural parcs, in the High Pyrenees of Catalonia. Pina is a refuge overboard with strict sustainability criteria which have used natural materials and close with the intention of minimizing the ecological footprint.

Who we are and who is your target?
Borda Pina sustainable refuge is intended for all those who, like us, know to reconcile in his vital spirit, the words freedom, nature, respect, preservation and sustainability.

To those, like us, who want to integrate all these concepts to make a life simple and sustainable.

To all those who, like us, prioritize  authenticity before comfort. 

How we do it?
In Borda Pina sustainable refuge we live in balance with nature, respecting its time, silences and cycles. Without altering its peace, its rules and forms. Overindulging its rhythms, its manifestations and its limitations.

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